Faith, Hope & Charity

There are various Victorian parlour games involving guessing the identity of a person hidden behind a sheet - this is usually attempted by examining the person's feet or hands, or listening to them cough, etc..
Strange Games' reader Jean Bingle has sent in details of a similar, but far better, game that her Mother used to play at parties in the 1950s. This is possibly one of the best party games that Strange Games has ever reported - up there with Slave Market.
Jean writes:'
All the men are sent out of the room and then three of the prettiest women stand behind a sheet – the two on the end hold it up.
Each man is brought in one at a time and asked the question ‘which girl would you like to kiss - Faith, Hope or Charity?’ He would choose one girl and then with a mask covering his eyes he is led up to the girl at the sheet. But behind is the joker with lipstick all over his mouth and as the chap is kissing his chosen girl the mask is whipped off and he finds he is kissing a man. Most men were pretty fed-up, but were then allowed to stay and watch the rest come through, of course they would join in and kid them along too – showing off the tell-tale lipstick mark on his mouth.'

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