Lippy, as far as I'm concerned, was invented during a particularly dull Biology lesson at Malbank Comprehensive by Andrew Chisnall in the late '70s. Maybe it's been played for more years than that but unless someone else is claiming it then Mr Chisnall is the man.
It is simple enough to play once you have mastered (and not everyone can!) the upper lip raise - in fact that is almost all there is to the game. To do an upper lip raise ( a Lippy) wipe as much moisture/saliva as possible off your upper front teeth - most players accomplish this by rubbing with the back of their hands. Then, using your fingers push your top lip upwards so that it curls in and remains held in that position by the dryness of your teeth. It may take some practice. Now you are ready for the game.
Two players face each other closely and perform a Lippy...the person to keep it in position longest (without using fingers, obviously) is the winner. The successful player often wins by causing the other to maintain a longish Lippy you need to hold an almost rictus-like grin.

Once again, thanks to Andrew Chisnall for giving the world this game, a far greater contribution than his promotion of obscure bands such as Prag Vec!

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