Rickshaw Racing

I was attending a school sports day last week and as the uniformly unimaginative games progressed I found myself reminiscing about Wheelbarrow Racing. Everyone knows how to play it (grab your partners ankles whilst they support themselves on their arms and use them to 'run' whilst you push...like a wheelbarrow) but for some reason this activity is frowned upon at schools. As I was in the middle of my bemoaning a fellow spectator who had been listening-in turned to me and said, "Ah, wheelbarrow racing is for wimps, have you ever Rickshaw Raced?" I hadn't...but I have now and it is far superior.
Rickshaw Racing is almost identical to Wheelbarrow Racing apart from one thing - the pusher turns around 180 degrees and still holding the partner's ankles pulls rather than pushes. Obviously, the 'rickshaw' has to move their arms as quickly as the puller is pulling to avoid falling flat on their face. And the puller, not being able to see how the 'rickshaw' is doing has to rely on their shouts and screams to work out whether to speed up or slow down. Like many of these games playing as an adult is even more fun.

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