Siamese Wrestling

Strange Games recently received an e-mail from occasional contributer Maurice Tweddle. In it he described a classic stand-off game he calls Siamese Wrestling.

Maurice writes:"For two players. Each stands facing the other then they reach out with their right hands and grasp the left wrist of their opponent. Now the game must try and release your own wrist whilst all the time trying to maintain your grip on the wrist of your opponent. There are no further rules, and apart from the clashing of heads almost any techniques go. The first player to lose their grip loses the competition. Bouts are often won by one player swivelling their body so they have their back towards the other's stomach and then pulling down with their held arm.

If you find that both players grips are too strong to enable a winner to emerge then limit the grip to being made only with thumb and index finger."

The accompanying photo shows the lady on the left has released her grip after having her forearm brutally forced back.

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John said...

I like this one.