Drawing Room Acrobatics # 1: Furthest Penny

There are many feats which can be performed in a small room without injury to either furniture or oneself. Furthest Penny is one of the finest.
For two persons of equal height. Keeping your feet behind a line you must stretch along the ground supported on your left hand ONLY and place a penny as far away from the line as possible using your right hand. You must then (still supporting your weight on your left hand) return to a standing position behind the line. The person who has placed the penny the furthest is now in the lead - but to win he must now recover his penny using the same technique. If he fails the other person wins.

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Yehuda said...

What sources do you use to find these games?


montegue_blister said...

Thank you Yehuda for your continued interest. Two main sources: human(myself, brother, extended family) literature (old books) I have done internet searches on some of these games and there is nothing on quite a lot of them. I seem to be the world expert on Trussed Fowls and Thimble Soccer.
Of the books - some of the early/victorian parlor games have been drawn from a book called 300 Games and Pastimes - a book of suggestions for childrens games and employments(1900) by Edward Verrall Lucas a very fine volume.
Also, I invented a few of the games in my youth: walking trippy, bucket heads, thimble soccer, battle le trec (yet to feature) are some of mine.
My favourite game from my recent posts is Slave Trader which, I swear, is a real game from the 1950's

Many Regards,

Montegue Blister

p.s. if you could mention my blog on yours again sometime in the future I would be pleased. I would love to get more than 6 people a day reading my blog. Most of the visitors come from Google typing Strange games - but I'm not sure I'm exactly what they are looking for.

Chin chin!