Family Snap

You are having a party with your bright young friends (maybe to celebrate exemplary examination results) and Winterton Bell-Morris pipes up, "Let's play a party game - what shall we play?"
Family Snap is a game in which success depends entirely upon keenness and quick-wittedness.
Before the game make a list of names which resemble each other enough to be confusing. If there are 12 players then the list might be as follows:-

Mr Morris Waterton.....Sir Walter Waters....Mrs Waterton Morrison....Lady Hannah Winter...Miss Harebell Harrison...Lady Bella Hare....Major Harrison Waters...Sir Waterton Bellair...Mr Hamilton Waters.... Mr Winterton Morris.... Mrs Hannibal Harebell....Miss Harriet Hannibal.

The leader verbally allocates names to players and ensures that they know their 'own' name. The players then have a few minutes to tell each other their allotted names. The leader then explains the rules: he will regularly shout out names at random which will be either names allocated already or other names on his list (e.g. Captain Harrison Harebell, Lady Arabella Winterton, etc)

If he calls out a name and the owner is the first to shout 'snap' they gain one point.
If the name belongs to someone in the group but another player shouts out snap before them then the shouter gains three points and the player whose name it was loses two points.
If he calls out a name that has not been allocated to the group and someone shouts 'snap' then that shouter loses two points

The leader shouts out names every ten seconds or so and keeps a running score.

(the photograph shows a young Maurice Tweddle Winterton)

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