Trussed Fowls

Amongst the legion of really strange party games Trussed Fowls stands out as being truly bizarre (although I have played Battle le Trec, more of which later).
Trussed Fowls is a game for two partygoers at a time. Each is trussed. This means wrists are firmly tied, ankles are firmly tied and then the player crouches down so his elbows are below his knees. A long stick is then slipped over one elbow under both knees and over the other elbow. Trussed like a chicken.
The two 'fowls' are placed facing each other with their feet touching. The aim is to roll over your opponent using any means left to you.

Weird Web:Animated guides to tying knots
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Claire said...

I've got this in a 1901 book of kid's games - it's got a really strange illustration of a schoolboy trussed up to the stick. I keep meaning to scan it in for my own blog.