Slave Market

I first came across this game in the 1950s but by its nature I'm sure it has a longer history than that. Slave Market is a game so politically incorrect that it must surely be due to make a resurgence in a post-modern ironic kind of way.
Divide the partygoers into slaves (say 6 people), an auctioneer, and the slave buyers (the rest). Each buyer is given a set number of counters to act as money (the optimum amount may need to be discovered by trial and error - but start with 20 each). The auctioneer lines the slaves up in front of the buyers and starts the auction of slaves one-by-one.
The aim of the game is for the buyers to try and purchase the most slaves without becoming bankrupt. To win requires a lot of skill as one needs to bid for slaves but not be forced too high and be left with no money.
Once all slaves have been sold the game ends and the winner is the buyer with the most slaves or if tied the most remaining money. A prize can also be awarded for the slave that gains the highest price.

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Anonymous said...

realy fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

montegue_blister said...

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clare whitby said...

I think you are quite mad

Anonymous said...

That is a sick game that needs to be demolished instead of carried on.... ignorance