German Splash Diving/ Bombing/ Arschbombe

My previous post advocating Belly Button Battles as a game suitable for all portly, paunchy, porcine people prompted Heinrich Guntergarten (Strange Games' German Correspondent) to recommend another game: German Splash Diving.
At the end of July the second World Splash Diving World Cup was held in Hamburg ('fat city'). This involves competitors jumping into a swimming pool from heights of 10 meters (diving board) and 30 meters (from a crane). Entrants are scored with the highest points being awarded to the biggest splashes as well as supplementary points for style (somersaults, twists etc.) and not letting the pain show. The accompanying picture shows the classic 'bomb' position but the event is freestyle with any entry position allowed as long as the splash is large. As the official website so eloquently puts it:'Splashdiving is to be seen as a community for girls, boys and especially freaks that have lots of fun at diving'

Note: the event used to be called arschbombe (literally arse bombing) but has been changed to the much politer splash diving
web: official arse bombing website
web: bbc news report on German Bombing
web: reuters report on splash diving

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