Human Boules

My recent posts on ideal, but strange, beach games led to an e-mail from Sky Croeser - the co-creator of Human Boules. Similar in form to Human Croquet this is the perfect game to play on the beach, especially if you want to attract startled looks from other beach dwellers.
Split everyone bar one player into two teams. Each team is formed of one 'thrower' with the rest forming the boules - these players are all blindfolded. The solitary player forms the 'jack' and stands himself a good distance away down the beach.
Now to the bowling. Each thrower takes it in turn to spin one of his blindfolded 'boules' around a set number of times, then holding him by the shoulders faces him in the required direction and tells him the number of steps to take. The 'boule' must obey as best he can. Obviously the thrower must be skilled in judging the length of individual players' steps and also the dizzy curve they will have acquired from spinning around. Points are gained for the player who gets his boules nearest to the 'jack'.

strange games no:141


s said...

Why thank you my good sir, and I do look forward to hearing of the delight that this healthy, character-forming game brings to others.

s said...

I must, however, point out that it was a group effort that lead to the game's formation. I cannot take all the credit, much as I feel that this would greatly improve my chances of knighthood.

Mr Blister said...

I have changed the entry to say "co-creator".
Thank you for pointing that out.

Chin chin !