Strange Games for Firemen - Fastest Up the Ladder

When you think about what sort of games firemen get up to in their spare time then the strangest you probably get is shooting pool or a quickest slide down the pole competition.
In Hungary they stage a fantastic speed ladder climbing event. As the video clearly shows these are the firemen you want to come when you are stuck on the top floor of some burning flats. Setting off running carrying a single lightweight ladder they cover 30 yards and then use it to climb a mocked-up 3 storey building in an incredible 18 seconds. They climb a floor at a time then pull up the ladder they just climbed up to use for the next level at jaw-dropping speeds.

Other unusual games played by firemen seem thin on the ground but if you particularly want to see them playing conventional games then head to the World Firefighters' Game which in 2008 are held in Liverpool. A vast array of conventional games and sports will be played by firemen from around the world. The only hint of unconventional play being the Firehouse Cook Off: contestants have to design and cook a three course meal for ten people within a budget of £50, presumably without burning any food and setting off the kitchen smoke detectors.

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Anonymous said...


I've seen a game played by firemen at a firestations' open day that was a little like croquet. Each team of firemen used their powerful hoses to try and propel a barrel towards and through a hoop in the ground in the quickest time
It was quite bizarre,

Johnathen Ogden