Chant Intro for Rock Paper Scissors

Grace Jefford, Strange Games' Brighton Correspondent, has described this brilliant chanted intro to Rock Paper Scissors that is currently sweeping the country.
Opponents face each other, hands together and fingertips touching. Both chant,"Tic-Tac-Toe" and on each beat brush the backs of their hands together. Then they chant, "Give me high" - clap their right hands up high, "Give me low" - clap their hands down low. Then each player interlocks their fingers and flexes their hands to the rhythm of the chant, "Give-me-three-in a-row". Now each makes a fist of their right hand and tap it into their left, quickly, to the beat of "Polly-got-shot-by a-U-F-O". This part is performed at double the speed of the previous parts and after the 'O' of UFO each player shows either Rock, Paper or Scissors.
If there is a tie then "Polly got shot..." is repeated and players draw again.

Once a winner has been found a punishment is now given to the loser. The losing player turns around whilst the winner pokes them in the back with the finger of their choice. The loser has one guess at which finger poked them, and if they guess correctly the game ends there. If they guess incorrectly then the winner extracts their punishment: with a fist they bash the loser on the inner arm in time to the chant of "I-win-you-lose-I-give-you-a-big-fat-bruise"

Marvellous. Thank you once again to Grace Jefford for describing this variation on the game.

strange games no:134

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