Strange Games on the Beach

At this time of the year Strange Games receives many e-mails like the following: "Montegue, my family are all ready for a beach holiday, we have got wind-shields so that we don't have to gaze upon our beach neighbours, sunscreen in case the sun comes out and garishly coloured Crocs for everyone's feet...but what strange beach games can we play?"
The answer I give is that if you want to avoid the mundanity of beach cricket/volleyball/frisbee you should attempt Headstand Human Skittles or at the very least a bit of Sand Wrestling but if you really want to have fun head for the dunes.

Sand Dune Jumping
The perfect beach sport requiring only bravery, a steep hill of sand and a grassy top to throw yourself off. Sand Dune Jumping is as adventurous as you want to make it. Simply run and abandon yourself to gravity and a soft landing. The person who achieves the furthest distance with the most style wins.
web: sand dune jumping video from You Tube
web: naked sand dune jumping (not for the squeemish)

Sand Dune Skiing
If you
have access to an old pair of skis or even better a snowboard then there is no better way to tackle a steep hill of sand than by skiing down it. If a straight run down is fairly easily achieved then attempt sand slalom and even jumps.
The usual complaint that the greater friction of sand makes skiing too slow can be overcome by liberally spraying your board or skis with WD40.
web: serious sand skiing in Qatari
and Bruneau Sand Dunes, Idaho

strange games no: 137&138

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