Crazy Stair Climbing

Back to games from more modern times and the childish stupidity (but fun) that is Crazy Stair Climbing.
Crazy Stair Climbing is the perfect name for what appears to be a more mobile branch of the well documented and inspired sport of House Gymnastics. All that is required is a narrow stairwell with metal banister rails on each side and some imagination. A variety of methods can be used to traverse either up or down the stairs but at no time must your feet touch the ground.The basic Crab Method involves holding onto the banister rail with both hands, placing your feet against the wall below, then crab 'walking' in a hand over hand style down the stairs keeping toes off ground at all times. With one player on each rail this makes for a grand race.
For single players, the Crab Straddle involves placing a foot on top of each rail and then by stretching forwards placing your hands on the rails too. In this straddle position you now have to shuffle upwards to get to the top of the stairs. Once mastered the next step(sic) is the downhill Crab Straddle – exactly the same but head first down the stairs.

web: see footage of crazy stair climbing on Strange Games the Videos
web: House Gymnastics official site
strange games no:129

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