Strange Games with Fire #3:Balance, Burn & Splash

My previous post has led to a number of readers asking for more games to play at what seem to be increasingly popular children's medieval-themed parties. Extensive research has unearthed a gem of a game I will call Balance, Burn and Splash. It is hardly an overstatement to say that this game is due a revival as it probably hasn't been played in the last 200 years.
To play simply place a narrow plank on two trestles. In the centre, underneath the plank place a large tub or pool full of water. At one end of the plank place a lighted candle. Players must now balance themselves in the middle of the plank, above the water, holding an unlighted candle, and must try to light it by stretching and shuffling towards the lit one. Any player who puts a foot down or falls into the tub is out and it is the next players turn.
The accompanying illustration from circa 1500 shows a young player who has successfully completed the task.

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