Welsh Stone Skimming

Stone Skimming/Skipping has been covered before on Strange Games but Welsh correspondent Mark Davies (or Davies the Stone as he is known locally) has brought to my attention the inaugural Welsh Stone Skimming Championships.

These will be held on 12th August in Castle Pond, Pembroke. Welsh Stone Skimming (carega yn crychneidio?) follows closely the rules of the World Championships that are held in Easdale Island, Scotland: stones, no more than 3 inches in diameter, are skimmed for greatest distance but each must make at least three bounces in the water. Entrants can have up to five skims of the stones which are supplied by the organisers.

As Britain sinks under flood waters maybe the skipping of stones (alongside Swamp Soccer) will become the country's national sport replacing the dullest of games, football.

The accompanying diagram reveals the perfect positioning of stone and water for best results. Just make sure that the base of the stone is vertically z below the water surface, with length S(cm) submerged at an angle to the horizontal of Theta(radians). Throw the stone with velocity V(m/s) at an angle beta into the water. Anyone wanting the optimum numbers for these parameters, email me at montegue_blister@hotmail.co.uk.

stone skipping world record video


Game Hacks said...

Haven't seen anything like this before in the skipping contests. this is for the first time that I am actually observing anything like this

Mark Davies said...

We had a fabulous day at the Wales Open Stone Skimming Championships.

We had 193 entries and the event raised over £500 – the majority of which will go to the St. John’s ambulance. It seemed like everyone enjoyed a quirky and different kind of day.

The winner, Mike Camplin, threw a maximum 75m and hit the bridge. No one else came near that distance and we wonder if there’s a potential world record holder here next year.

The Cook family from Cheltenham can be singled out as a particularly talented family in that Mr Cook came 3rd in the Seniors, Jack Cook and William Cook came first and second in the Senior boys and George Cook came third in the under 10 boys.

The Strange Games Shield for most number of skips for the under 10's went to George Hancock - a local lad who also threw 32m. A huge thank you to Montegue for that.

There will be a SkimWales 2008.