Seal Racing #2

After my previous post on Seal Racing I received an e-mail from Sonia Gund, a Strange Games reader who also does research into Inuit culture, and she kindly pointed out that Seal Racing as she has seen it played on Baffin Island is slightly different. In fact it's a much harder game. She also generously provided a photograph she has taken.

Sonia Gund: The form of seal racing I've seen on Baffin Island differs somewhat from your description. Contestants hoist their entire bodies up into the air like planks (no curving cobra position) that are supported in front by their fists and in back by their toes. They then propel themselves forward in "hops" using (as far as I can tell) just their forearms (toes keep them balanced). They do this as long as their knuckles hold out (not long, in most cases!).

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