Frogs & Crocodile's Food

My recent posts about medieval games encouraged Mr Jolley (Strange Games' South of England Correspondent) to send me some descriptions of, what can only be described as, some extremely bizarre Victorian street games. Frogs & Crocodile's Food is one such game.
A race game for teams of two players. One player bends over, holding his knees, forming a traditional 'frog', his team mate now leapfrogs over him and upon landing makes himself into the crocodile. He does this by lying on his back on the ground then by raising his body up on his hands and feet (better known as a crab position) . His team mate now rests his flat cap on the crocodile's stomach (thus forming the crocodile's food). The crocodiles race head first down the street with their assistants guiding, encouraging and retrieving the crocodiles' caps when they fall off. Obviously, with few children these days making the wise fashion choice that is the flat cap this part of the game would need changing; a baseball cap would probably work equally well.

strange games no:130

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