Ikusimmiaq - Elbow Racing

Recent posts on Strange Games about Victorian Street Games (especially Crocodile's Food) have reminded me of an Inuit children's game that would fit perfectly in either those past times or even better as a more interesting alternative to Bear Racing at school sports day.
To play Ikusimmiaq, or Elbow Racing, simply crouch down on your knees, place both elbows on the ground and both hands over your ears. Now, maintaining this position - race. You can not remove your hands from your ears and you must propel yourself forwards using only your knees and elbows. Just describing this in plain text the game seems a little lame but I would encourage you to get down, on a nice thick carpet, and have a race with someone. The fastest person over the course, or more usually the person who can stop laughing the longest, wins.

strange games no:132

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