Human Croquet

It's a lazy August afternoon and you are sitting on the veranda sipping a cool Pimms when the party host shouts, "Anyone for Human Croquet?"
The perfect summer garden game, Human Croquet necessitates a large number of people. Ten pairs of people form the hoops by facing each other, raising their arms in the air and clasping hands; leaving enough space between their bodies for the 'ball' to pass through. The 'ball' is a partygoer who is blindfolded. His partner, the 'player', must direct his 'ball' through the ten hoops in sequence and before any opponent teams to win. The player moves the ball by standing behind him, turning him in the intended direction, then saying 'GO'. No further commands can be given (or contact made) except a 'STOP' command.
Teams take it in turns to play and the ususal croquet rules can apply. If you get your 'ball' through a hoop you get another turn. If your ball hits an opponent's, they stay where they are whilst you get another go.
Chin chin!

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