April Fools' Games #1 - I See a Ghost

As April Fools' Day rapidly approaches I have received a missive from Sheetswa Shawasha(Strange Games South African Correspondent). In it he details a game he used to play in the 1950's which makes a perfect party game for April Fools..."I See a Ghost."
The leader lines up everyone to one side of himself, standing closely shoulder-to-shoulder. He looks ahead and proclaims in his best John Gielgud voice, "I see a ghost!"

"Where?" says the person next to him. "There" says the leader and raises his right arm to point. The second player then repeats the dialogue and the process moves down the line. Then the leader repeats the phrase, "I see a ghost!" and this time raises his left arm as well. At the end of this round everyone has two arms raised straight in front.

On the third round the process is the same except now the leader lowers himself onto one knee with both arms outstretched. As the final player adopts this position the leader screams out as if in terror and pushes hard with his shoulder causing the whole row to topple over like dominoes.

Thank you Sheetswa for telling me about this fantastic party game.

strange games no:110
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Prada Phone by LG said...

Another great game from you, Mr Blister! I will try this one out myself soon!