Body Surfing & Crap Surfing

Ask one of today's teenagers if they have ever body surfed and no doubt they will regale you with a tale of being held aloft in front of the stage at a Maniac Sumo gig. In my day the body surfing game was more genteel though no less fun.
Line up all but one of the party goers then get them to lie down on the floor on their backs. Make sure they are lined up but have about a body's width between each. The remaining player then kneels at the start of the line...then launches himself (arms outstretched) on to the first few bodies. These players must now turn as one in the right direction to propel the surfer on to the next players and so on down the line. When the surfer reaches the end then he himself must lie down and become part of the 'wave' and the person who was the first in line now has his go.

Crap Surfing: if you've ever enjoyed some activity or other but struggled valiantly to become competent in it then your heart will be warmed by Crap Surfing. Crap Surfing although a world-wide phenomena is officially recognised in Cornwall where the Crap Surfing World Championships occur in December. As the crap surfing website so succinctly puts it:

If you have any worries about being:

Fat,old,unfit,uncoordinated ,un-cool ,intelligent ,having the wrong sunglasses ,having open toed sandals with light brown socks, etc
Fear not for you will fit in perfectly because all are welcome and everyone laughs at everyone else.

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crap surfing

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Anonymous said...

Hello Montegue

i was intrigued by your body surfing game. I also though that with today's levels of high-obesity that as long as the people lying on the floor rotate at the same speed then because of their increased rotundity the person surfing on top of them will be travelling much faster than they did in your day...making it more of a dangerous game

or maybe I have too much time on my hands

your humble servant

Heinrich Guntergarten
(strange games german correspondent)