Welsh Bunny Hopping

As Easter approaches, every Strange Gamer finds themselves itching to buy masses of cotton wool and double-sided sticky tape, dress themselves up as a rabbit and hop down their local high street. For the past three years the Welsh town of Llangollen has hosted the Easter Bunny Hop. Competitors of all ages and sizes don their rabbit costumes and hop madly through the centre of the town. Unfortunately the organisers have cancelled this years event, and any future activities, claiming they can not afford the cost of the public liability insurance. Surely it's a sorry state of affairs when the common man and woman are denied the basic pleasures of being a bunny and making a fool of themselves.
The accompanying photograph is of last year's event. The man on the left in the orange T shirt is one Dai Evans from Glyndyfrdwy - seconds after this shot was taken Dai stumbled awkwardly and broke his leg so seriously that he had to be put down.

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