April Fools' Games #3 - Ancient Order of Jackdaws

Its your April Fool's day party and you want to celebrate with a game that combines the risible antics of a Masonic meeting with the good old-fashioned brutality of a bloodied nose...the Ancient order of Jackdaws is the game for you.
You will need to place a rug on a slippery floor. The Grand Master of the Jackdaws sits on a chair in front of the rug, other members sit around the rug cross legged. The victim is led by two others and told to kneel on the rug facing the Grand Master. The ceremony begins.

Grand Master: "You wish to become a member of the Ancient Order of Jackdaws?"
Victim: "I do"
Grand Master: "You will observe its rules and keep its secrets till your dying day...and always remember the oath you are about to take?"
Victim: "I will"
Grand Master: "You will bow to its decision."

Upon which point two players grab hold of and briskly jerk the corners of rug backwards causing the victim to bow violently, smashing his face into the rug.

strange games no:111

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Allen Holman said...

Not sure who ends up with the bloody nose here... the one that has the carpet pulled out from under them, or everyone else :-p