Strange Games Diary - March / April

Forthcoming and current events in the world of strange games and sports that are worth a visit.

March / April 2007

The traditional game of Easter Egg Rolling occurs in many parts of the world but the best is in Preston, Lancashire on Easter Monday.
Preston Easter Egg Rolling

British Marbles championship, Tinsley Green, Sussex, Good Friday - this event has been staged at the Greyhound Pub since at least 1932. An entertaining day out watching the finest exponents of the grand game of marbles
Don't forget the Australian Marbles Championship on April 13 at Parkes Golf Club

Bottle-kicking and Hare Pie Scramble - truly bizarre Easter Monday rugby type game involving 3 bottles, the population of two villages, mass scrums and of course hare pie.
Bottle Kicking and Hare Pie Scrambling - brilliant account of this strange game

Interstate Mullet Throwing - the Australians may be the best Tuna tossers in the world but when it comes to throwing Mullets the Americans are the best (27-29 April toss a mullet across the Florida/ Alabama state line)
strange games:mullet throwing

The photograph shows enthralled crowds at an early British Marble Championship, Tinsley Green

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