April Fools' Games #2 - Aeroplanes

A re-post of Strange Games no:33 one of the all time great trick games.
Aeroplanes is a trick party game that can probably only be played once (unless one keeps participants out of the room until it is their turn)Two strong men are required to hold a plank of wood a few inches above the floor. The partygoer /'pilot' / 'victim' is then blindfolded and helped onto the plank. He stands on it and supports himself by placing his hands on the shoulders of the two carriers.The carriers then proceed to make aeroplane noises and whilst wobbling the plank slightly they crouch down as low to the floor as possible. To the victim, whose hands remain on their shoulders, it appears that they are lifting him higher above the floor.The carriers then stop their aeroplane noises and announce that the engine has failed and the 'pilot' must jump. What feels to the blindfolded 'pilot' to be three or four feet is merely a matter of inches.
I remember playing this with "Topper" Smythe-Wilkenson at a party to celebrate his entry into the RAF.

strange games no:33


Anonymous said...

utter utter utter utter brilliance. All of it (well, back to game 86) It's not often, on a Friday afternoon, that I laugh out loud at a BLOG.

Can you pleeeeeeeze come to my 50th birthday party next year in Transylvania and be the games organiser?

Mr Blister said...

Thank you Mr/Mrs Anonymous for your kind comments.

Transylvania seems like the perfect place for a 50th birthday party. I will check my diary to see if I am free to organise the games.

Chin chin!