Collapsing Bridges

A fun indoor game for two evenly matched competitors.
One player, 'the bridge' forms a bridge like structure by kneeling with his hands also on the floor, shoulder width apart and a good distance from his knees. The other man, 'the boat', must pass under the 'bridge' (usually achieved by a rapid scuttling motion) up to 3 times. On one of these times the 'bridge' will collapse, crushing the boat below. The 'boat' must escape from the wreckage in a pre-determined time limit (usually around 10 seconds). The 'bridge' can not use hands to grip the 'boat'. Then change places.

strange games. No:11 ... category: indoor games

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Hsien Lei said...

What a fun game and site! I'm going to try it later with my three-year-old.

BTW, thanks for stopping by Play Library earlier. Going to add you to my blogroll. :)