Hens and Chickens

Almost everyone must be familiar with 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' but when I was knee high to a Beagle the game we loved to play was Hens and Chickens.
One person is chosen to be the fox and must sit down and look sly and hungry. The others are the hens and chickens and form a line past the fox, chanting:
"Chicany, chicany, crany, crow,
I went to the well to wash my toe,
And when I came back a chicken was dead"

Everyone forms a ring around the fox and one chicken says,

"What are you doing old fox"
The fox replies, "Making a fire"
Hen: "What for?"
Fox:"To boil me some water"
Hen:"Pray what is the water for fox?"
Fox:"To scald a chicken"
At this points all the hens and chickens can let out a gasp of horror.
Hen:"And where will you get a chicken?"
Fox:"Out of your flock"

At this point the fox attacks and tries to grab a chicken. Pandemonium!
If the fox makes a 'kill' then foxy and chicken change places

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