Puss in the Corner

An excellent game for small parties Puss in the corner will have you in paroxysms of delight.
The traditional way to play this game is to have one person in each corner of the room. The fifth person, 'Puss', is dressed up as a cat.
Corner people agree, using shouts or hand signals, to change corners. As soon as they leave their corner and rush to the next they can not return. Puss must try to get to an un-occupied corner before a runner. If his happens the cat outfit is transferred to the person who left that corner, or, if the two runners have crossed, the person running towards that corner.
The excitement levels are intensified by the runners shouting, "Puss, puss - you can't catch us"

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I had first heard this expression from the movie "dark Victory" starring Bette Davis and George Brent. It was sort of a confrontation between Judith and her best friend Ann. Judith is seated at the table in a restaurant with her Doctor, with whom she is in love and says to Ann, "we're playing games, you can play too. Puss in the corner".