Two Dogs and a Bone

An energetic game for 12-20 players.
A skittle (the ' bone') is placed on a chalk mark in the centre of the room.
The players are split into two equal teams and given numbers to remember. So, if there are 12 players there will be numbers 1 to 6 on each team. The teams line up opposite their opposing numbers at either end of the room and equidistant from the 'bone'

A caller shouts out a number of his choosing. Those two players must rush to get the 'bone' first, return it to their team and gain a point. However, if they are tagged once they are carrying the 'bone' then the opponent team gets that point.
The most important rule is that no player can cross ( with his feet) the centre line of the room on which the 'bone' stands. This rule can lead to tense and thrilling stand-offs with both players hovering around the 'bone' waiting for the other to grab first.

The caller calls another number once a point is won

First team to 10 wins

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