Piggy Back Polo

Fantastic to play in the garden Piggy Back Polo is an energetic and immensely entertaining game. Pair up the players - one large and one small. The larger player gives the smaller one a piggy back. Each rider holds a walking stick upside down. The aim of the game is to knock a tennis ball into the opponents goal.
Play on a summer's day with lashings of Ginger Beer for the competitors.

strange games. No:15....category: garden games

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Klaus Kinski Jr said...

Actually came over here to thank you for pointing me to the Chase novels. Will be on the look out for them even if I saw them without knowing I would probably grab them. Check out my Bookgasm column where I'l be covering lots of cool books with cool covers.

I would try out piggy back polo if I did not screw up my back way back in college playing intramural football (american).