Party Animals

Party Animals is an entertaining game that soon has people descending into helpless laughter.
Everyone sits in a circle. The leader passes a toy dog to the first person on his left and says to them,
"I found this dog."
"This what?" says the first person
"This dog." says the leader.

The first person then passes the dog to the second person and repeats,
"I found this dog."
"This what?" says the second person
"This what?" says the first person back to the leader.
"This dog" says the leader
"This dog." says the first person to the second.

And so on ,the same pattern, the list of "This what's" getting longer the further the dog is away from the leader.
But what makes this game a true classic is that as soon as the leader has given the person on his left the dog he gives the person on his right a toy cat and says,
"I found this cat."
"This what? " says the first person on the right.
"This cat."

...and so on...

The real fun starts once the cat and dog cross in the circle, as people try and remember whether it's a dog, cat ,which is right, which is left, where they are......

I was once at a party where several people had to have a lie down in a darkened room after playing Party Animals.

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