Counting Out Rhymes. No.3

Who is going to be 'it'? There is only one way to decide: a counting out rhyme.
If you are young now then I expect you will be using a contemporaneous rhyme such as this:

Ip /dip /dation /
My /op - er - at - ion /
How /many /trains /are /at /the /stat-ion /

Then that person gives a number. Carry on counting around the circle and the person you land upon is it.

Now one from school days long ago:

Intery / mintery / cutery / corn/
Apple / seed / and / apple / thorn/
Wine / brier / limber / lock /
Five / geese / in / a / flock/
Sit and sing / by a spring /
O / U / T / and / in /again/

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