Thimble Soccer

One dull, rainy afternoon whilst Nanny was sewing I spied a whole set of metal thimbles in her sewing basket...shortly afterwards Thimble Soccer was born.
Find an old table that doesn't mind being scratched and chalk out a soccer pitch onto it. Fashion some goal posts out of cotton reels. It can be useful to form a border all the way around the table using cardboard strips to stop the ball coming off too easily.

It's good to play one against one but two players per side is optimum. Each player has four thimbles - one each on the index and middle finger of each hand. A ping pong ball makes a good football.
Rules are as for normal soccer. Each player must keep both index and middle fingers on the table whenever the ball is in play (there are no flying players) and mustn't slide his fingers around but 'run' them along the table top as if they were legs.

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Yehuda said...


I'm enjoying your blog, as you know.

I'm amazed that you have so much material that you can post a new game every day. How many more do you have in your queue?


P.S. I wrote a blog post (Parlor Game Geek) with a slew of parlor games a while ago on the Gone Gaming blog.

montegue_blister said...

Thank you very much for your interest in my blog and thanks for the information on Parlor Game Geek - I look forward to reading it.
The games that really interest me a really obscure, oddball ones and my blog is based on memories of myself and relations, and some research. You are correct to realise that at the rate of an entry a day this blog won't last that long but if I can get one more person in the world to try out the joys of say Lemon Golf or Bucketheads I will be very happy.

Please feel free to suggest/ contribute any games

Once again thanks for your kind thoughts

Montegue Blister

Yehuda said...

It's here, by the way: